Good Me, Bad Me

Author: Ali Land
Publisher: Michael Joseph

A fascinating tale of the mother/daughter relationship between two fractured protagonists, this novel excels at sowing seeds of discomfort and compulsively keeping you glued to the page. Disturbing, ever unpredictable and gripping and an exceptional psychological thriller.

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I didn't finish this until a couple days into the New Year so it counts as my best read of 2018 - and it's now February and I'm several more crime books down. It was a super page-turner and beautifully written: those two things don't always go together. The character of a young girl, the daughter of a serial killer, given another identity but dreading the upcoming trial as her mother's invisible yet potent influence stretches out to almost overwhelm her, is not one to forget. I was completely caught up with this and had to drag myself away every time NY celebrations called. An outstanding read and unforgettable ending.

Georgina Faye

Traumatised Annie is coming to terms with having turned her serial killer mother in to the police as she prepares to testify at her trial, whilst at the same time fighting her deepest fear that they are more alike than she wants to admit.

‘I’ll always be Annie to you but to others I’m Milly. Siamese twins inside me, at war. Good me. Bad me.’

Intense and intriguing, Good Me Bad Me is not just a dark and terrific thriller but also a subtly painted portrait of the damage that can be done to a child’s psyche and an exploration of what makes us who we are.

This novel sucked me in and I read it in two intense sittings, unable to put it down. The story is character driven and full of suspense with just the right balance of action and drama, and the narrative voice was fresh and authentic. It didn’t surprise me to learn that the author has a background in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Ali Land has written a book which explores the darkest parts of the human mind while managing to root it in reality to show that even those who commit monstrous acts are still capable of human connection.

Victoria Slotover

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